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Meghan Gallagher, M.A. Ed.
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About Positive Steps
Positive Steps is an educational and behavioral consulting business.  Positive Steps provides services for parents going through the special education process and parents having behavioral concerns with their child at home or at school.

Positive Steps offers classroom observations, records review, attending school meetings, writing behavior plans for home and school, home visits, educational and behavioral strategies, and tutoring. 

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I love working with children and seeing their love for learning and life blossom as they grow.  I wanted to be a teacher since the first grade.  I always had the drive to help other people and have always tried to bring fun and positivity to others.  I believe learning and life should be approached in a positive way.  I believe parents, teachers, mentors, and family members have the best opportunity to instill positivity in their children and students.  I believe in learning a child's interests and strengths and using those to enhance their learning and behavior. All children deserve the amazing opportunity of an appropriate, positive, and fun education.  I believe this is possible for all children.  I am an advocate for positive interventions, praise, and strong relationships with the peers and adults in children's lives.  The more everyone in a child's life works together in a positive and consistent way the better off that child will be as they take positive steps in their lives.

I have a Master’s Degree in Special Education from George Washington University for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities. I have worked with special needs children full-time for five years.  I have worked with children for the majority of my life.  I have worked with children from birth through eighteen. I have worked with children with emotional disabilities, learning disabilities, other health impairments, intellectual disabilities, children with developmental delays, children who are on the autism spectrum, and medically fragile children.  I have taught K-6 and 10th and 11th grade and have done in home therapy and tutoring.  I have volunteered in Tanzania teaching children with special needs and training teachers.  At my current job, I test 3-6 year olds for special needs and I lead the Multidisciplinary Team and parents through the special education eligibility and IEP (Individualized Education Program) process.

I look forward to working with you and your child!
Positive steps towards a positive future!